Parents are responsible for obtaining an immunization for each students enrolled. The parent's must supply school with a copy of a valid immunization record within 10 business days of their child's enrollment. It is the responsibility of the parent to maintain a valid immunization record on their child.

Disciplinary Practice of the School

In order to comply with the regulations regarding disciplinary practices for Licensed Child Day Care Providers, it is important that you understand that there will be no Corporal Punishment. The school will administer discipline in order to produce proper behavior.

Illness of Staff and Children

Children-The school does not accept children that have commutable diseases. If the children are under doctor's care, the center will abide by the guideline outlined by their doctors as far as when the children can return to school. These guidelines must be in written form from the doctor or hospital. If a child is sent home due to illness, the parent should not allow the child to return until well. In the event of fever your child cannot attend the school and must be free of fever for at least 24 hours before returning. All ill students must be picked up.

Staff- No Staff Member who is known to be afflicted with any disease in a communicable form will be permitted to work in school. Staff will be required to bring in medical statement from the doctor stating their current condition and when they could return to work. Any staff member upon examination or as a result of tests shows a condition that could be detrimental to the children or staff, or which would print satisfactory performance of duties, shall not continue to work at the school until the healthcare providers indicated that the condition no longer presents a threat to children or staff.

Supervision-Movement about the School- Children shall be directly supervised at all times by qualified staff persons. If the bathroom is outside of the classroom, all children must be escorted to the bathroom. For the children ages 5 and up, once it is verified that no one is in the bathroom, caregiver is not required to be in the bathroom with the child.

School Emergency Medical Plan- Under a medical emergency, director/administrative staff is notified immediately. Once the situation is accessed, if medical treatment is needed, the school will notify ambulance service via 911 to have child transported to Tuomey Regional Hospital. If there is no time to wait on the ambulance, the school will transport the child through personal transportation in order to seek medical attention for your child. The family will then be notified of the situation. A copy of the emergency contact sheet will be given to the ambulance service or carried with designated staff that is escorting the child. A staff member will stay with the child until the family has joined the child.

Policy Agreement- Parents and Staff shall sign and date an agreement, maintained on file and update annually that both parties have read and understood all policies relating to the operation of the facility.

Confidentiality of Records- A child's record, emergency information, photograph and other information about the child or family and information that may identify a child by name or address is confidential and may not be copied, posted on a website or disclosed to any unauthorized person's without consent from the child's parents.