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The presence of any unauthorized person must be reported to the office immediately. All entrance doors are kept locked. Everyone must be admitted at the front desk by ringing the buzzer. Office personnel must give authorization to each individual, including those picking up children. Teacher will be notified by phone when a new or different person comes for a child. All children must be signed in and out daily. School Passes are issued in the office to visitors.


When a child is involved in an accident which results in an injury, the office personnel will give limited first aid. The accident should be reported immediately to the office on the accident form. The director or administrative assistant will determine the seriousness of the injury and seek professional help and notify parents when necessary.

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The office should be notified if a child becomes ill during the day. Details recording the child's name, time, teacher, and nature of illness should be included in report. Arrangement will be made to send the child home if the temperature reaches 100 degrees F or if the illness or discomfort persists. Parents will be immediately notified if children have conditions that appear to contagious such as, measles, chicken pox, ringworm, and pink-eye. Evidence that the child is no longer contagious will be needed in order for the child to return.

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Emergency Preparedness Plans

Things to know:
  1. Code words
  2. SAFE AREAS of the school
  3. Your duties as well as those of your neighbor
  4. Location of Class roles
  5. Location of outside communication (telephones on campus) - Front desk
    - Director's desk
    - Administrative Assistant desk
    - Gym

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During any type of emergency, all teachers will be required to remain with their own classes. Other staff members who do not have homerooms will be on standby in the main office and will be dispatched to areas where they are needed.
    The director will be the spokesperson to the media. The director will also be in communication with the administrative assistant at Jehovah Missionary Baptist Church. The records clerk will be assigned to the telephone in the office. The records clerk will e expected to assist in any emergency situation. The administrative assistant will keep the parents calm until the emergency situation is under control/
*** All Employees will be trained upon employment and also be trained in January and July Annually.

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Fire Drills

Fire Drills are required by law to be held at least once each month. When the fire alarm is sounded, the teacher will follow the following procedures:

Evacuation Routes
Rooms 107, 111, 113, 114: Exit the building to the playground. Proceed along the fence to the parking lot at the southeast of the building.

Rooms 103, 104, 105, 115, 116, 117: Exit the building on the west to the driveway. Proceed to the parking lot at the southeast of the building.

  1. Take attendance roll.
  2. Lead children out of school to designated area (See Evacuation Routes)
  3. Close door before leaving.
  4. Call roll after reaching designated area to insure that all students are accounted for; if not, notify the director.
  5. After the administrative assistant checks all classrooms and gives the clear signal return to class.
  6. Make discussion of fire drills rules a regular part of curriculum.

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Bomb Threat

In the event that a bomb threat is called into the school, the following procedures will be adhered to:
  1. Law enforcement Center will be notified by calling emergency number 911.
  2. Students should not be told that this is a bomb threat. Teachers should immediately look for odd parcels or stranger articles. If strange are found, teachers should NOT touch or handle them contact the office immediately.
  3. We will not ring any bells or fire alarms while the building is being searched. Follow the fire drill evacuation procedure for exiting the building.
  4. When all have been satisfied that no bomb or foreign objects have been discovered, the class will resume regular activities for the remainder of the day.

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Tornado Emergency Plan

Alert Stage: Information received that a tornado watch is in effect for the area.


  1. Post Monitor will a clear view of surrounding country, especially to the west and Southwest.
    - South end of building: Ms Brenda White
    - School Front (West): Mrs. Stephanie Webster
  2. By means of public address system, the director announces that Code A is in affect, this advises staff that a possible warning may come.
  3. The director's office keeps tuned to local broadcasts and monitors for further reports.

Warning Stage: Information is received that a tornado is sighted.


  1. Announce Code B over the public address system.
  2. Have key personnel verify that action is completed by teachers.
  1. Calmly notify children of drill.
  2. Open all doors on Manning Avenue side.
  3. Have children move into the hall. Follow the specified procedures for the appropriate ages listed below.

Ages 5-12
In the event of a tornado, students are to proceed with a large book to the inside of the wall of the cafeteria. Students are to be seated with their backs against the wall. When seated, the students are to remain quiet with their books over their heads.

Ages 2-5
In the event of a tornado, students are to proceed to the hall and sit in front of their classrooms with their teachers. Teacher assistants will bring sleeping mats from the classrooms to place on the heads of the students. Each child will need a mat.

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Infants & Toddlers

In the event of a tornado, infants and toddlers will be placed together (3-5) and rolled to the hallway in front of their classrooms Crib mattresses from other cribs will be placed over the children.

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Civil Disorders

Should a situation arise that requires securing students in their rooms or building, an announcement will be made to secure your classrooms by locking doors and do not let any child our or any unknown adult in.

Should a situation occur on the school grounds, children should be instructed not to panic or run. They may be asked to lie flat on the ground.

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In the event that an earthquake occurs while school is in session, follow these procedures:
  1. Keep Calm; do not run or panic.
  2. If you are outdoors, stay outdoors, If you are indoors, stay indoors.
  3. If you are indoors, sit or stand against an outside wall or take cover under desks or tables. Stay away from windows and outside doors.
  4. If you are outdoors, stay away from overhead electrical wires, poles, or anything that might shake loose and fall.
  5. Listen for directions that may come from the director or other officials.
Following Cessation of Building Tremor


  1. Announce all clear.
  2. Notify Sumter Fire Department and law Officials at (803) 775-1133.
  3. Notify Civil Defense at (803) 775-2346.
  4. Assure herself that building is clear.
  5. Report to alternate emergency control center.

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Should a situation arise that necessitates evacuation from the premises, the evacuation will be announced by the director. Teacher will immediately proceed in an orderly fashion with their children to JEHOVAH MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH on Harvin Street.

Should a situation arise that necessities evacuation from the neighborhood the evacuation will be announced by the director Teacher will immediately proceed in an orderly fashion with their children to the Manning Road Fire Station at 1121 Manning Road, Sumter, South Carolina 29150

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